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5 Protection Crystals For The Home: Create Positive Energy

Your home is your haven and should be a sacred crystals for protection space of nurturing energy. It’s always a hope to build a home that provides a protective aura and lifts you up every time you step over the threshold. As the world outside can seem chaotic and draining at times, it helps to have a place that provides a gentle and healing retreat. Honoring your home is also honoring yourself, granting yourself a space to recharge your batteries, rest easy, and switch off from the outside world.

Crystals can help you to forge protective boundaries, keep negative energy at bay, and curate a space that spills over with love, calming energy, and creative spirit. We pour love into our homes in terms of making them a pretty space but we all know that the visual and spiritual don’t always match up. Our homes can soak up the energy and as homes can be spaces of tears, frustration, shifting emotions, and even visitors who bring their vibes in through the door, your home may start to bear the brunt of all this piled up energy. This is why it’s so important to reclaim that space and this is where crystals can help. Ever ready to shift and spring clean, we have the best line up of crystals for the home to bring a fresh perspective to your space.

Crystals for Protection & Positive Energy

Black Tourmaline for protecting your threshold from bad energy

Agate for perfect pillow talk and sweet sleep

Clear Quartz for making your home your own mood board

Rose Quartz for loving energy and compassion

Citrine for good luck and sunny vibes during the winter months

Amethyst for a serene space

Selenite for bringing the light

Carnelian for building a creative space

Aventurine for forging family bonds and as a study aid

Lapis Lazuli for dreamwork and fighting psychic attacks

Pyrite for protection and golden ideas

Hematite for keeping your home free from toxicity

Smoky Quartz for dissipating bad energy

Labradorite for free and easy communication

Aquamarine for a quick revival when treading water

Obsidian for shifting stagnant bad energy and protecting against psychic attacks

Onyx for moving out of a painful space

Black Tourmaline

What it does: Protective and grounding, Black Tourmaline is an awesome stone for sending those negative vibes marching out the door. This deeply healing gem is awesome at soaking up bad moods and making sure that every time you step foot into your home, you feel held, grounded, and completely safe to be exactly who you are. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.

When to use it: Place Black Tourmaline close to doorways and windows to feel your space protected from all who enter and whatever energy they may bring.


What it looks like: Comes in many shades, but the Blue Lace is as soft and serene as a spring sky.

What it does: Blue Lace Agate is a hugely calming influence to bring into the home. As a throat chakra stone it encourages communication and a radiant calmness. Blue Lace Agate is also super smooth when it comes to those gentle stress vibes meaning that it encourages rest and relaxation all the way. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.

When to use it: Place Blue Lace Agate in your bedroom if you want to dial up your connection and communication. This lush and lovely blue gem will only facilitate heartfelt pillow talk but also lulls you into the sweetest sleep.

Clear Quartz

What it looks like: Clear and radiant with a pristine energy.

What it does: Cleanse your space and finetune your focus with the master healer of the Clear Quartz stone. This clear-headed gem is perfect for programing your wants and desires, meaning that whatever vibes you want your home to possess can be manifested into reality. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Clear Quartz is a must for any home and should be placed in every room and space for those who want to channel positive energy and to keep their home a haven.

Rose Quartz

What it looks like: Shimmering pink and full of positive flow.

What it does: The love stone is soaked in gentle energy and radiant compassion. If your home sometimes feels like a battleground, Rose Quartz is here to heal everyone’s hearts and to open up. It fills every inch of space with empathy, trust, and healing – ensuring nurturing vibes are tucked into every corner. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: Use Rose Quartz to quell tension and arguments in your home if you and those who live with you find yourself in a tension storm. With life being a little more locked down than normal, its only natural for people to get on each other’s nerves. Rose Quartz facilitates bonding and beautiful connections, transforming your space back into a love nest. crystals for protection


What it looks like: As bright and juicy as all the lemons in Sicily.

What it does: For all those who want to bring endless sun into their lives, Citrine is the glorious glowing gem for you. This positive thinking stone is all instant good mood vibes and it also helps bring luck and abundance flowing straight to your door. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine. crystals for protection

When to use it: If you want to bring a divine dose of Vitamin D to your home, Citrine is here to make sure that the sun always shines inside. This is an awesome stone for bringing into your home in the darker winter months too especially for those who need a helping hand with seasonal affective disorder.

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