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With summer officially over, playa bowls menu it’s time to return to some of the things we’ve missed. It’s not that we don’t love summer–it’s our most stoked season–but there’s a vibe in the fall that just welcomes us back.

Here are five things we’re excited to return to this fall.


Now that the days are shorter, the urge for sun kissed skin fades away. Instead, it’s replaced with, dare we admit it, a routine. For teachers and students, September means back to school. But for others it’s back to normal work hours (good-bye summer Fridays) and back to steadier habits that get replaced by those summer vibes. But these habits and routines aren’t a bad thing—they’re actually good for you! So go ahead and dive into early mornings and work/study hours. Your future self will be glad you did.

Playa tip: If you’re moving less these next few weeks (which is totally normal), pick up a cold pressed juice to stay healthy. These juices will deliver you the nutrients you need and energy you crave.


Summertime means a lot of travel for most people. There’s no school, it’s peak season to visit Europe, and travel in general across America picks up (especially after a grounded pandemic year). But now that everyone has returned from their vacations it’s a great opportunity to get back to the community—farmers markets, street fairs, local theater performances etc. What better way to kick off a new season than with those in your local area?

Playa tip: Did you know we host fundraisers in store? Reach out to your local Playa Bowls to find out how you can set up a fundraiser for your school or local organization.


As we all wake up earlier our energy could use some assistance. That’s when we’re back to early morning, or afternoon, coffee. But the beverage does more than help perk you up when you need it most. Coffee has benefits such as the ability to prevent type 2 diabetes and other diseases, while strengthening your DNA (just in case you needed another reason to gulp it down).

Playa tip: Find the perfect coffee based on your personality and get the energy you crave.


Fall weather can be the best time of year for a beach break. Sure, the sun’s not as hot. But there’s nothing like a cool breeze. These upcoming weeks mean back to chilly nights by the ocean, around a fire, or even curled up inside on the couch. It’s that perfect period between Indian summer and sweater weather.

Playa tip: Enjoy an endless summer, everywhere you go, with our super soft hoodies.


When it comes to fall, there are few things that come to mind bigger than football. Sunday and Monday night football is back and those fantasy teams are lining up. Sure, baseball is also around, but is there anything better than a tailgating party?

Playa tip: Focus on the game rather than the food and let Playa Bowls cater your next Sunday Funday.

Whatever you go “back to” this season take us with you. Follow us on social media and tag us in all of your back-to-season moments! playa bowls menu


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