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chakra stones

How to Shop Smart and Avoid FAKE Crystals | Genuine Healing Crystals and Stones

There has been a LOT of talk in the online community about fake chakra stones. The fear is much more...

dowager's hump
Fitness, Lifestyle

What is Dowager’s Hump and How to Prevent It

No one ever said getting older was easy. Sometimes, it seems as if time likes to make the aging process...

CBD product

Top Four Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working for You

Many consumers may not have the results they expect CBD product when they try a CBD Product. If you are...

the gym
Fitness, Food

Gym with friend

Missing your workout buddy? There are still ways to get active with your best friend the gym. Here are some...

push day workout
Fitness, Lifestyle

Workout for men’s and women’s

Push training refers to any exercise that mimics a push day workout movement. The benefits of splitting your routine into...

Poke Bowl Recipe what’s magic in it
Food, Lifestyle, Recipes

Poke Bowl Recipe what’s magic in it

Who knew it was so easy to bring your favorite sushi home? This easy Poke Bowl Recipe is packed with...

rich froning
Fitness, Lifestyle

Discussion With Rich Froning

We are talking about humans here rich froning. The internet may have you believe otherwise, but your body is a...


How to Eat Healthy When You Hate Cooking

Being handy in the kitchen is something you have to develop over time. The problem is that many of us...


Tips for Eating in Moderation

With fitness being 25 percent exercise and 75 percent diet, it is important to watch what you eat closely. If...


7 Healthy Eating Tips for Winter

Humans may not quite hibernate for the winter like some animals do by slumbering through most of the cold months,...