chakra symbols

The Complete Guide To Chakra Symbols And Their Meaning

What Are Chakra Symbols? Although there is no scientific evidence to prove the chakra’s existence and chakra symbols, it is...

what does 999 mean
Health, Lifestyle

What Angel Number 999 Really Means + What To Do When You See It

What are angel numbers? Angel numbers are sequences of repeating numbers, what does 999 mean often seen in sets of...

Health, Lifestyle

Blue Aura Meaning: What Does Your Blue Aura Color Mean?

Blue is an awesome color that is associated with calmness and creativity. Think of a beautiful blue sky, the crystal...

crystals for protection

5 Protection Crystals For The Home: Create Positive Energy

Your home is your haven and should be a sacred crystals for protection space of nurturing energy. It’s always a...

bucket hats for women
Fashion, Lifestyle

These Bucket Hats Should Be On Everyone’s Summer Bucket List

bucket hats for women are back. And we’re taking our hats off (or putting them on) to fashion it-girls for...

core ball
Fitness, Health, Lifestyle


3 WAYS TO USE YOUR BARRE3 CORE BALL BEYOND YOUR WORKOUT The barre3 Core Ball is our favorite prop to...

blackhead extraction

How to Safely Extract Blackheads and Clogged Pores from Your Skin

How to Prepare for At-Home Extractions First, the prep! Grab Your Tools Cellophane/plastic wrap Two washcloths Facial tissue (Kleenex) A...

rich froning
Fitness, Lifestyle

How Rich Froning Is Still Fitter Than You

Spartan legends always outlast the pack. They have a unique combination of wisdom, grit, and resilience. So while others succumb...

heating pad for cramps
Food, Lifestyle

Soothing Relief: Using a Heating Pad for Cramps

Do you dread the days when it takes all of your motivation just to get out of bed and do...

chobani oat milk
Food, Lifestyle

The Best Oat Milk You Can Buy at the Store

Plant-based milks, like almond milk and oat milk, are a thing—so much of a thing that we’re willing to pay...

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