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Missing your workout buddy? There are still ways to get active with your best friend the gym. Here are some tips to work up a sweat with your BFF while social distancing.

Get Outside

Outdoor workouts are a great way to get fresh air and enjoy safe partner workouts with physical distancing (also called social distancing).

Look for a space that is big enough to maintain distance, such as a field, park or backyard. A flat surface is ideal to avoid twisting an ankle.

To be sure you are staying 6 feet apart, bring a yoga mat and set up your space about a mat’s length apart from each other (the standard yoga mat is 5 feet, 8 inches long). You can do your workout on your mat, and your friend can stay on theirs.


bring your own gear. Jump ropes, resistance bands and medicine balls are all great portable gear options to up the intensity of your workout. Coordinate with each other ahead of time so you both come prepared.

Hit the trails. Plan a hike with your friend and choose a pace that challenges you both.

If you’re looking for a great workout to do outside, check out this Quick Body Weight Mobility Workout you can do anywhere. Body weight workouts are great to do with a friend because you don’t need special equipment to do them and they’re portable.


Go Virtual

If you can’t meet up in person for partner workouts with social distancing, get creative and competitive with each other online.


Send each other challenge workouts and share the experience. You can find a variety of workouts to try here.

Get into EMOM and AMRAP workouts EMOM workouts are based on doing a movement Every Minute On the Minute; AMRAP workouts push you to do As Many Repetitions As Possible. You can keep each other motivated to do every move on the minute, or you can try to max each other out with repetitions, trying to increase the number of reps with each move. For example, if you do five pushups you can challenge your friends to do 10. They can challenge you back to do 15, and so on. The winner is crowned when one of you cannot complete the number of reps required.

Do the same workout, at the same time. Visit Gold’s Gym Anywhere to pick out a workout together. You can use video conferencing or the phone to talk with each other while you work out. The more banter, the better.

Choose a fitness program and stick with it together. Whether it’s a week, a month or longer, go in on a long-term fitness program together and hold each other accountable during partner workouts with social distancing.

The best part of a workout buddy is the accountability and support. Keep each other motivated and on track with sweaty selfies and frequent check-ins, talking through challenges and goals. the gym


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